“… and today I am a successful person and could make my dreams come true. And as they say –Behind every successful man there is a woman, behind my success is my charming wife…”

… this always reminds me of a glass that is half filled and half empty because  saying so men are appreciating women but at the same time they forget that she left her career behind.

The woman  who is behind that successful man might feel very happy to be indebted. It’s natural and she should feel happy , but how ahead has that woman moved in her career to become a successful person.

Should woman feel ecstatic for being the reason behind a successful man or should she feel shot down for being behind in her own  life, compromising with her dreams and her career..especially after having children.

This is what we call gender inequality and this can be curbed when  men who appreciate the  women behind their success, would cherish for the success of those women … to be ahead in her life, fulfill her dreams and make a successful career. After all, family is equal responsibility of men and women.




Good, better, best.Never let it rest, till your good is better and your better is best.

A New Beginning….

This is a small effort i wish to do to help bring up the spirits of all those
people who are at the edge of quitting up. Quitting in no case is the solution .So,
please               DO NOT QUIT . ALWAYS REJECT FAILURE
There are many people who suffered a lot , swallowed the bitter pill of
failure , faced the discrimination of fate and society, tried a lot lot but never
succeed and you many think that you are one of them. Honestly, no offence.
But, that is only one side of life…there is always the other side . Just
flip it and you will find prosperity and success. Because if it is failure on one side
then it should be success on the other side. And all you need to do is :

First of all, change you perspective of looking at life
think positively… you can do it
think of solutions to your problem
present is always yours to plan a better future

Speak to good people ,read some good books
think of good things, have faith in God and most of all enjoy every
moment of your life.

Remember you always have a choice .Choose wisely and if you feel
you have no choice then you always have the option ‘none’ and go ahead to
redesign your life and make your own way that leads you to the pinnacle of happy
and successful life.

Don’t sit like a slug thinking of what to do or how to start. Just go for a
long walk or jump like a crazy ,play with kids ,spend time to refresh your hobbies ,
do some work to energize yourself , play or work till you get completely tired.Let
all the stress get out of you , boost your energy levels and then… start a new

It’s your life. Love it , live it….live it to the fullest..Live high…

Have a good day… : )